Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to Gluten Free Delivers!

We are almost ready to launch our all inclusive gluten free web site and hope you can help spread the word about all that we have to offer the gluten free community. For those of you new to Gluten Free Delivers..let me introduce myself. My name is Gina Geraci. I am the mother of 2 busy boys ages 15 and 9. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. After years of suffering with vague symptoms and illnesses that had no name..all the crazy diagnosis...the countless prescriptions I was given but never filled...the verdict that I suffered from Celiac Disease finally filled in the missing pieces to the puzzle. I spent the next 3 years learning to live gluten free without feeling sorry for myself.
It was with much surprise that in October of 2011 we learned that our 9 year old son Francesco, while being rushed into the Intensive Care Unit at our local hospital (we thought was suffering from a case of the flu) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, accompanied by it's faithful companions, Juvenile Hashimoto's Disease and Celiac Disease as well. Talk about a life changing event! After months of learning how to care for him both physically and emotionally, we decided to put into action a plan that would focus our efforts on doing something positive with all that we had learned on this journey living life gluten free. It is with great pleasure to introduce a gluten free website that offers:
Please help us spread the word about all that Gluten Free Delivers has to offer and check back soon to see the progress and additions we have made.


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